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MILWAUKEE® delivers the industry's first line of trade-focused, high-performance personal lights designed to ADAPT, PERFORM and SURVIVE. These personal lights are compact and can be worn or carried and are built to withstand the toughest conditions on and off the job site. Our personal lights combine the best cordless and LED technology and are convenient, portable solutions that increase productivity and safety.

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Flood Lights


MILWAUKEE® headlamps deliver high output light while conveniently attaching and securing to hard hats with clips and a rubber grip. Our personal headlamps feature a variety of output modes and light intensities ensuring you have the light you need regardless of the task. Built-in positioning head tilt allows users to direct the light wherever it is needed. All of the LED headlights feature TRUEVIEW™ High-Definition Output providing neutral, color-accurate light. Many of the personal headlamps feature our REDLITHIUM™ USB Rechargeable batteries allowing for all-day runtime.


MILWAUKEE® personal flashlights are designed to provide you with focused, adjustable light capable of adapting to a wide range of job site demands. Our personal flashlights deliver unique trade focused features, equipping you for any task. Their compact size allows them to easily tuck into or clip onto a pocket or belt for easy access when you need it. All of the LED flashlights feature TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output giving users a neutral, color-accurate light for any task. Many of the flashlights feature our REDLITHIUM™ USB Rechargeable batteries helping reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Flood Lights

MILWAUKEE® personal flood lights are built to tackle a variety of lighting applications with compact versatility to carry and position them however they are needed. Our personal floodlights stick, clamp and hang on almost anything and can be carried with you to cast light in multiple orientations. Their rotatable bodies can be positioned to direct high-intensity flood light to fill a wide array of spaces. When not in use, the compact lights clip or carry easily into your pocket, belt, or bag. Many of the floodlights feature our REDLITHIUM™ USB Rechargeable batteries allowing for all-day runtime.

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