8/13/2020Milwaukee Tool Integrates One-Key™ with Autodesk BIM 360® 8/10/2020Milwaukee® Expands Personal Lighting Lineup with Two New Flashlights 8/3/2020Milwaukee® Unveils Fastest, Lowest Vibration 12V Multi-Tool 7/27/2020新MILWAUKEE®颈部绑腿推出全天舒适度与适应性保护 7/20/2020MILWAUKEE®推出取景钉枪他们的第一线 7/20/2020Milwaukee® Wrecks the Jobsite with New Drilling Hammer, Nail Pullers, and Pry Bars 7/14/2020New M12 FUEL™ HATCHET™ 6” Pruning Saw Delivers Better Maneuverability Than Chainsaws in Tight Access Areas 2020年7月13日Milwaukee® Makes Extensive Carbide Teeth Expansion 2020年7月13日它爬楼梯!新MILWAUKEE®MX燃料™下水道鼓机简化了下水道电话 2020年7月13日manbetx意甲联赛密尔沃基刀具切削拓展新的振荡多工具刀片配件解决方案 7/6/2020Milwaukee® Expands Layout Solutions with Three New I-Beam Levels 6/29/2020Limit Layers with Milwaukee Tool’s New Rechargeable Heated Base Layer 6/29/2020manbetx意甲联赛密尔沃基工具揭示新的砌体,混凝土和瓷砖钻采配件 6/1/2020密尔沃基®推出世界上第一个无绳1”D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrench 5/18/2020Milwaukee® Announces the MX FUEL™ Breaker 5/18/2020Charge Up. Hang Up. Turn Up. Milwaukee® Unveils the M12™ Radio + Charger! 5/15/2020轻松管理工具及设备清单与密尔沃基工具的新的一键™资产ID标签manbetx意甲联赛 5/4/2020MILWAUKEE®宣布推出MX FUEL™14” 切割锯 5/4/2020MILWAUKEE®拓展PACKOUT™模块化存储系统的全新小型冷却器 5/4/2020MILWAUKEE®推出业界最安静的无绳压缩机 4/20/2020Milwaukee® Announces a 6T Pistol Utility Crimper for Overhead Distribution 4/20/2020MILWAUKEE®推出的电缆DRIVE™大会的M18燃料™SWITCH PACK™分转鼓系统 2020年4月10日manbetx意甲联赛密尔沃基工具的新本质安全型前大灯亮起危险场所 4/6/2020Milwaukee® Delivers the Next Generation of Right Angle Drilling for Electrical Rough-In 3/9/2020推出了业界最强大的直角扳手 2020年2月28日Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s First Cordless 8” Metal Cutting Circular Saw 2/10/2020New Milwaukee® Compact Band Saws Deliver the Fastest Cutting Speed in Their Class 2/10/2020Milwaukee® Expands Die Grinder Lineup with the M12 FUEL™ Straight Die Grinder 2/10/2020Milwaukee® Expands Hand Tool Offering with New Bolt Cutter Sizes 2/10/2020Milwaukee® Expands Press Tool Capability with New PEX Crimp Jaws 2/10/2020MILWAUKEE®拓展工作服阵容,提供全天保护和经久耐用的工作 1/20/2020New M18™ Charger Simultaneously Charges Batteries Over 3X Faster 1/20/2020MILWAUKEE®拓展无绳钉枪阵容新窄冠订书机 1/20/2020Milwaukee® Expands Press Tool Capability with New PEX Crimp Jaws 1/20/2020New Milwaukee® Nitrus Carbide™ Blades Cut 3X Longer Than Standard Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades 1/20/2020密尔沃基雄鹿队的PACKOUT™模块化存储系统扩展新PACKOUT™紧凑型工具箱


2019年11月11日Milwaukee® Unveils the First Cordless Sewer Sectional Machine 10/28/2019Milwaukee® Updates Hole Saw Slot Form 10/14/2019Milwaukee® Expands Mechanics Hand Tools with New Ratchet and Socket Sets and Breaker Bars 10/14/2019MILWAUKEE®拓展工具挂绳和挂绳附件系列 10/14/2019Milwaukee® Introduces the Ultimate Jobsite Sound System: The M18™ PACKOUT™ Radio + Charger 10/14/2019保持温暖所有的一天,新的MILWAUKEE®冬季手套 10/7/2019Milwaukee® Broadens Miter Saw Offering with new M18 FUEL™ 12” Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw 2019年9月30日Milwaukee’s PACKOUT™ System Expands with New PACKOUT™ Crate Option 2019年9月23日保持安全和保持高效与密尔沃基雄鹿队的新的个人安全解决方案 9/16/2019密尔沃基®M18燃料™ANGLER™ is the World’s FIRST Battery-Powered Fish Tape Solution! 9/16/2019密尔沃基®M18燃料™Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw Outperforms Corded While Maintaining Safety 9/16/2019Milwaukee® Refreshes FASTBACK™ Utility, Spring Assisted, and Pocket Knives 9/13/2019Make Clean, Precise Cuts with Milwaukee’s new M18 FUEL™ Compact Router 2019年9月11日新帝国EXT可扩展的水平是任何尺寸精确 2019年9月10日MILWAUKEE®推出红色螺旋™钴钻头的下一代 2019年9月9日Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s First Motorized Torque Wrench, Delivering 50% Faster Electrical Installations 2019年9月9日Milwaukee® Launches Major Expansion of Their Headlamp Offering 9/3/2019新的M12™和M18™电缆钳提供更加安全剥离和更低的应变 9/3/2019Milwaukee’s New M12 FUEL™ Right Angle Die Grinders are More Powerful than Pneumatic! 9/3/2019Milwaukee® Expands Accessory Solutions for the Utility Industry with 2-in-1 and Hex Bit Sockets 9/3/2019manbetx意甲联赛密尔沃基工具的加热齿轮揭开序幕的新赛季新的M12™加热AXIS™分层系统和更新的夹克 8/23/2019Cut Reinforced Concrete Without the Frustrations of Gas with the new M18 FUEL™ 9” Cut Off Saw 2019年8月19日New Milwaukee® Controlled Torque Impact Wrench Enables Users to Perform Faster Tire Service – No Hoses, Compressors, or Torque Sticks Needed! 8/16/2019密尔沃基雄鹿队的新的M12燃料™安装电钻/起子:
4-in-1 Solutions, 16 Different Attaching Positions for Unrivaled Access and Control
8/9/2019Milwaukee Builds Out Ratchet Offering with new M12 FUEL™ Extended Reach Ratchets 2019年8月7日MILWAUKEE®增长与修剪广场,管锁级别,和Pocket一级的布局和测量解决方案 2019年8月7日Milwaukee’s New Measuring Tapes Standout Among the Rest 7/12/2019New M18 FUEL™ SUPER HAWG® Right-Angle Drill Delivers the Power and Speed to Replace Corded Tools 2019年7月1日Milwaukee® Introduces an M12™ Version of Their Popular SURGE™ Hydraulic Driver 6/17/2019MILWAUKEE®宣布2新PACKOUT™加法:多莉和安装板 6/11/2019MILWAUKEE®推出后把手保监会锯 - 快于有线,更多的运行时间比其他无绳选项 5/30/2019Crimping without Dies Just Got Simpler with Milwaukee’s new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 750 MCM Dieless Crimper 5/15/2019与密尔沃基雄鹿队的新PLUS-LOK™SDS-PLUS扩展达到更 2019年4月8日MILWAUKEE®推出免维护130瓦特LED工地临时灯 2019年4月8日Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Utility Hot Stick Light Sets New Standard for Inline Hot Stick Lighting 2019年4月8日New M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 10,000 psi Hydraulic Pump Provides the Easiest Way to Power Hydraulics 2019年4月8日New Milwaukee® 15T Crimper is Designed to Reduce Peak Muscle Effort 3/21/2019世界上第一个无绳1” 高扭矩扳手就可以更容易地说‘再见’,以压缩机和发电机 3/7/2019Milwaukee® Upgrades Its Entire M18™ System with New HIGH OUTPUT™ Batteries and M18™ & M12™ Super Charger 2019年2月28日New M18 FUEL™ 7/16” Utility Impact Wrench is First to Be Made Specifically for Linemen 2019年2月7日Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Framing & Rafter Squares with New-to-World Features 2019年2月7日Milwaukee® Introduces New Measurement Technology with REDSTICK™ Digital Levels 2019年2月7日新MILWAUKEE®可扩展级别允许用户框架更多与无维护 2/1/2019MILWAUKEE®推出M18™SWITCH TANK™系统 - 业界第一款可更换式喷雾器和供水系统 2/1/2019密尔沃基®M18燃料™4-1/2” - 6” Braking Grinders Generate Power of 13amp Corded 1/14/2019Make Nut-Ready Cuts with Milwaukee Tool’s New M18™ Brushless Threaded Rod Cutter 1/14/2019MILWAUKEE®创建MegaPressXL®兼容夹及戒指,为行业用途最广泛的媒体工具 1/14/2019Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s First Cordless Pipe Threader 1/10/2019密尔沃基拓展户外电力设备阵容与通用QUIK-LOK™附件系统 2019年1月9日Milwaukee® Announces New Hand Tools for Electricians – Conduit Benders and Fish Tapes 2019年1月8日密尔沃基进展与额外的粗体大容量粉笔卷轴布局解决方案 1/7/2019密尔沃基极端金属带锯条做多个切口以更少的更换刀片


10/30/2018Milwaukee® Announces Its Fastest Drilling, Hardest Hitting SDS Max Rotary Hammer 二○一八年十月十八日MILWAUKEE®宣布3新PACKOUT™加法:一个技术包,背包,和旁人! 10/9/2018Milwaukee® Announces New M18 FUEL™ Drilling and Fastening Solutions with ONE-KEY™ Functionality 9/28/2018Milwaukee® Launches New Additions to Personal Lighting Lineup 2018年8月28日MILWAUKEE®介绍了10L管钳新的对世界伸长长度手柄 8/9/2018Cut Through Metal, Tile, Drywall, Cement Board… and So Much More… with the Versatile M12 FUEL™ 3” Compact Cut Off Tool 8/6/2018Milwaukee® Announces the Industry’s Most Durable Tape Measure – The STUD™ 8/3/2018Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Durable & Fastest-Cutting Step Bits, Optimized for Impacts 8/2/2018Wear, Hang, or Carry the new Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum Anywhere! 2018年8月1日MILWAUKEE®拓展配件为架线工解决方案与双极步进,J钩,五角插口 - 和更多的俄歇尺寸! 2018年7月31日推出业界首个无绳的影响粗短 7/2/2018Milwaukee Tool’s New Season of Heated Gear Kicks Off with Updated Jackets, Hoodies and new AXIS™ Jackets & Vests That Heat 3X Faster 6/29/2018M18 FUEL Jig Saws 6/27/2018Milwaukee® Launches Heated Gloves Built to Survive the Jobsite… and Beyond 2018年6月15日Milwaukee® Introduces Slim Profile Ratchets & Wrench-Compatible Sockets 5/22/2018M18 FUEL Innovation 2018年5月18日Milwaukee® Announces the Most Powerful 3/8” Cordless Impact Wrench in the Industry 5/3/2018下一个突破是在这里:MILWAUKEE®推出的M18™REDLITHIUM™高输出™HD12.0电池 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The M18 FUEL™ Chainsaw Eats Through Hardwoods 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Redesigned M18 FUEL™ Drilling and Fastening Solutions Achieve More Power/Speed in a Smaller Package 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The World’s First 18V Large Angle Grinder 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Achieve 15amp Corded Power with the M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4” Circular Saw 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Milwaukee® Develops the World’s First Cordless SUPER SAWZALL® 5/3/2018The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The World’s First 18V Table Saw 2018年5月1日MILWAUKEE®推出OSHA®表1规定集尘盒其通用M12™HAMMERVAC™和M18™专用HAMMERVAC™ 4/19/2018Stay Safe & Productive with new Milwaukee® Tool Lanyards 4/6/2018MILWAUKEE®“BIG HAWG™硬质合金齿”孔锯交付50X更长的寿命在将钉嵌入式木材磨料材料 4/6/2018Milwaukee® ‘HOLE DOZER™ with Carbide Teeth’ Hole Saws Deliver the Longest Life in Stainless Steel and Tackle the Toughest Abrasive Applications 4/6/2018新MILWAUKEE®“火炬™硬质合金齿”通过极端金属RECIP叶片撕裂,交付50X更长的寿命 2018年3月15日新MILWAUKEE®棘轮组合扳手特征144个齿2.5°弧摇摆 3/5/2018Milwaukee® Introduces the Fastest Cordless Tire Inflator: Top-Off a Car in Under 1 Minute! 3/5/2018MILWAUKEE®推出一款18V随机轨道桑德与有线电源及更多的控制 3/1/2018铆钉更快和更容易使用密尔沃基雄鹿队的新M12™铆钉工具 2018年2月28日New Milwaukee® Circ Blades Feature Anti-Friction Coating & Laser Cut Technology for Maximized Life & Accuracy 2/22/2018新MILWAUKEE®断线钳功能POWERMOVE™伸展的臂 2/1/2018Milwaukee® Introduces a Compact Site Light with 2-in-1 Lighting Features 1/29/2018manbetx意甲联赛布鲁克菲尔德,威斯康星州总部密尔沃基工具宣布扩建计划,创造350多个新的就业机会 2018年1月9日Milwaukee® Announces the DUST TRAP™ - OSHA® Compliance without a Vacuum 1/3/2018熨平板,表面光滑,与等级所有使用一个工具 - 新MILWAUKEE®REDSTICK™混凝土水平


12/15/2017包。锁。经久耐用。MILWAUKEE®宣布推出PACKOUT™模块化存储系统 12/14/2017新MILWAUKEE®52” 的移动工作站产品特点突出的表面与抗拔盘 12/14/2017Milwaukee® Introduces Combination Wrench Sets with MAX BITE™ for up to 25% More Torque 12/14/2017MILWAUKEE®推出12PC棘轮和插座套装 12/14/2017New Milwaukee® Cushion Grip Screwdrivers Feature the Most Durable (and Comfortable!) Handles 12/14/2017manbetx意甲联赛密尔沃基工具将在2017年11月推出3 ANSI / ISEA级防割手套 12/14/2017Milwaukee® Launches a Fixed Blade Hawkbill Knife for the Utility Industry 12/14/2017MILWAUKEE®推出固定在这两个工具和EDC刃刀 12/14/2017Milwaukee® Introduces Ultimate and Low-Profile Backpacks 12/14/2017MILWAUKEE®宣布其最酷的产品还有:工作现场冷却器 12/14/2017New Milwaukee® Laser Distance Meters Provide Easiest Measurements 12/14/2017Milwaukee® ‘Hits the Nail on the Head’ with 10X Less Vibration Hammers 2017年12月13日Milwaukee® Delivers the Lightest, Most Compact Cordless 3/8” Crown Stapler 2017年12月13日MILWAUKEE®推出业界首款18V热风枪 2017年12月13日Milwaukee® Introduces the Brightest Site Light in the Industry 2017年12月13日New Dust Extraction Products 2017年12月13日Milwaukee® Dust Extraction: A Solution for Every Concrete Cut, Grind, or Prep 2017年12月13日Milwaukee® Announces New Family of Personal Lighting Solutions 2017年12月13日MILWAUKEE®宣布推出TICK™工具和设备跟踪:跟踪什么。幸存的一切。 12/12/2017Milwaukee® Introduces Compact Solution to their Knockout Lineup 12/12/2017Milwaukee® Introduces New Lightweight WORKSKIN™ Performance Shirts 2017年12月4日Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Low Voltage/Voice/Data/Video Hand Tools for VDV Professionals 2017年12月1日MILWAUKEE®提升行业的标杆与最紧凑,功能最强大的12V钻井与驱动解决方案 11/30/2017MILWAUKEE®引入了新的M18燃料™风机 - 更低能耗,更少重量 11/9/2017Milwaukee® Introduces New Utility Pouches 2017年11月7日Introducing M18 FUEL™ High Torque Impact Wrenches w/One-Key™: The Industry’s Most Powerful Impact Wrench, Now with the Most Control 11/2/2017MILWAUKEE®推出高棚灯,很容易建立和维护,免费! 2017年10月3日Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Versatile Flood Light for Every Task 9/28/2017Milwaukee® Announces the First Lithium-Powered Soldering Solution 9/13/2017Milwaukee® Develops the First Brushless, 18V One-Handed Reciprocating Saw 9/1/2017Milwaukee® Introduces the SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Extractor Set 8/31/2017New M12™ AIRSNAKE™ Drain Clearing Air Gun is the First Machine to Use Powered Air to Clear Through Drain Covers & Traps 8/31/2017Milwaukee® Introduces the First Drain Snake with a Brushless Motor and CABLE-DRIVE™ Locking Feed System 8/31/2017Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Premium Corrosion-Resistant Drain Cables 8/31/2017在M18燃料™SWITCH PACK™排水沟清洁系统结合分和鼓机的优点 8/29/2017Milwaukee® Introduces Heavy Duty REDSTICK™ Box Level Storage 2017年8月24日No Cords, No Hoses, No Compressor. Unparalleled Torque. Milwaukee® Delivers Breakthrough Performance with M12 FUEL™ Ratchets 8/17/2017新MILWAUKEE®M18™ROCKET™双包塔灯提供高清晰度可调灯光的公用事业行业 8/3/2017Milwaukee® Introduces the M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer – Mix up to 15 Buckets on a Single Charge! 8/2/2017Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s Lightest Weight Cordless Miter Saw 2017年7月21日Milwaukee Tool Announces Next Generation Line of Screwdrivers 7/20/2017Powerful Enough to Replace Pneumatic & Corded – New M18 FUEL™ High Torque Impact Wrenches Are An Industry First! 7/19/2017MILWAUKEE®宣布航空剪其热门线路的下一代 7/18/2017Milwaukee® 102x77 Spot Infrared Imager Delivers Fastest Scanning & Instant Images 7/14/2017配件工程专门为电力公用事业的MILWAUKEE®推出新线 7/14/2017使PVC直,容易割伤新MILWAUKEE®棘轮切管机 7/12/2017MILWAUKEE®提高了耐用性,移动性和工作齿轮的性能与新夹克,围兜,和运动衫的交易 6/9/2017MILWAUKEE®推出的自锐凿子和下一代SDS最大钻头 5/9/2017MILWAUKEE®推出管线切割器对更大容量伦铜PEX解决方案 4/20/2017新的M12™LED引擎盖下光照明亮,握把更强和更长的保护 3/9/2017MILWAUKEE®推出业界最快的切削无绳金属圆锯 1/26/2017The M18™ Short Throw Press Tool w/PEX Crimp Jaws Creates Fastest, Effortless Installs from Branch to Fixture 1/26/2017Milwaukee® Introduces TRAPSNAKE™: The First Interchangeable, Powered Porcelain Auger System 1/23/2017MILWAUKEE®推出有线性能和无绳生产力与M18燃料™1/4” 刻模机 1/12/2017MILWAUKEE®推出18” 和24” 卷袋 2017年1月2日MILWAUKEE®推出M18燃料™中秋节扭力冲击扳手